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What lies Beneath

On-going documentation of the erosion of a sea bog at Doughmore, Doonbeg, Co. Clare, Ireland. 

13 months

Photographs showing the erosion of the seabog over 13 months. These photographs were used to make a lenticular print (see Out of Print exhibition here>) which was shown as part of my submission for Out of Print at the Library Project, Dublin in 2016.



What lies Beneath

A stone (one of many) which was found when a large part of the seabog was eroded away. It holds the imprint in a very thin layer of peat of probably the first plants that became the foundation layer of the bog possibly 7,000 years ago.

Beach and Bog Erosion

Doughmore beach, Doonbeg, Co. Clare

Sea Bog Frog

Intaglio photo-etching and collograph






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