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The Zone (2015), a two-channel video installation examining the liminal space of war in both real and virtual worlds.


Rites de Passage uses found newsreel, contemporary Super 8 film, photographs and video to explore the concept of the liminal soldier in World War I (WWI).

Bytes de Passage uses contemporary video footage of video war-gamers entering a virtual space. While the WWI soldier entered a liminal space to cope with the invisible enemy in the trenches on the borders of No Man's Land, video war gamers also enter a liminal space which can be both for enjoyment and/or to seek refuge from the pressures of contemporary life.

The Zone was presented at Frawley's Special, the National College of Art & Design, Dublin's (NCAD) 2015 MFA Graduation Exhibition 


The Zone: Rites de Passage 


Installation as part of Frawley's Special, NCAD's MFA Graduation exhibition, 2015

Two channel video installation
3.15 min loop




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